Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Red and White—A Thrilling Combination!

Recently, I attended the Printing Industries of America Trade Show in San Diego. Each year, businesses in our industry gather to tout their wares and each year, I look forward to attending to see what's new.

I visited the Neenah booth, where our rep, Jill Dunleavy was present. We chatted for awhile and then, she handed over the pièce de résistance.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Did I say wow?

Having been through a crazy process trying to figure out how to print white ink on a colored stock, the answer to that dilemma came in the form of her new business card.

A RED PEPPER Classic Linen Digital 100#C printed digitally—on the HP Indigo—with WHITE ink. Niiiiice. This photo doesn't do the crispness (or whiteness) of the printed type justice but, it'll give you the idea.

Not only has this feat become obtainable(!), it can be produced economically! Awesome. Simply awesome.

And, shortly after I shared her card with everyone in the studio, one of my co-workers pointed THIS fabulousness out in this months edition of Print. Printed using the Indigo on Neenah Esse Digital 105#C Pearlized Silver Smooth. Way cool.

Ahhhh, the possibilities.