Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crit Translations from Print Magazine

Here's a funny take on criticism from Print. It was published in their current issue—April 2010.

What They Say/What They Mean

"It's a bit horsey."
TRANSLATION: Unrefined. Try a more elegant solution.

"You need to take a step back from it."
TRANSLATION: You're trying too hard.

"This feels familiar."
TRANSLATION: I think you ripped this off. Be more original.

"Just have fun with it."
TRANSLATION: It looks lifeless.

"It's very designer-y."
TRANSLATION: Too trendy. It plays off too many motifs currently in vogue.

"Something's missing."
TRANSLATION: It doesn't look good, but I don't know what to suggest to make it better.

What are some of your translations?

Monday, March 1, 2010

When to Coat an Uncoated Sheet

I was inspired to re-post an article from one of my favorite websites, Felt + Wire.

Pam McGuire, from Mohawk Paper, talks about what types of coatings are appropriate on uncoated sheets and why. See article here:

Make sure to check out the other resources—The Naked Truth About Uncoated Paper and Specifying Press Coatings—from Mohawk as well!

We had the privilege of working on a set of view books for the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. The Undergraduate, Graduate and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) view books were sent to prospective students to teach them about the programs at Medill, and give them a glimpse of the curriculum.
Because Medill is a prestigious program, and because they are associated as leaders in
their genre, we felt the view books should have a sophisticated feel. We chose to print the piece on Mohawk Navaho Brilliant White and because we knew the books would be handled a lot, we specified a satin AQ coating, to protect them. The end result was a beautiful, clearly-printed piece, which has assisted Medill in their recruiting efforts over the past couple years.

Here's a pic of the final products: