Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Nifty Little Resource

Ooooh, I found a new toy.

For those of you who are verbivores, you have probably noticed the banner ads for the visual thesaurus on the Web site.

Lucky me, our Head Honcho offers his employees a generous stipend each year, which we can spend on nifty little resources such as this one. Since I wear many hats at MORRIS, one of which includes writing proposals (and a blog!), this tricky gadget certainly comes in handy.

Check out the tutorial and give the visual thesaurus a whirl!


  1. SO cool!
    It's like the mind maps I always build out at the beginning of a project… only… maximized!

  2. This is very cool. Thanks for sharing. I thought the same thing as Jasmine ... it's like an automatic mindmap. I love mind maps. I have a blog post on mind maps on the invention addict blog.

  3. Ok...I have no idea what a Mind Map is....does that mean I'm lost?