Friday, November 20, 2009

Urban Trees 6 - WOW.

Nothing production related today... just a little inspiration, from some talented artists in my area.

The Port of San Diego just recently updated the 6
th installation of Urban Trees. The sculptures are updated annually. My son and I have spent a lot of time with the sculptures–their whimsical names and shapes have sparked our imagination, and I am excited to share them with you.

This video showcases the m
aking of one of the sculptures titled "Elysium," by artists Gretchen Mars & Brian Salmon.

"This sculpture’s design stems from Bonsai trees and lotus flowers and represents the contrasting coexistence of organic versus man-made materials. The twisted metal roots beautifully sprout into laser-cut wood leaves. The process and materials used to create the tree play upon the idea of the evolution between man and technology. "Elysium" is a place or state of perfect happiness."


Here are some pics my son and I took of the last batch, as well as a few from the Harbor/downtown in general (my own urban inspiration):

For more on the newest sculptures, go here.

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