Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Tool for Color Geeks!

Of all the paper companies out there, Neenah Paper is, by far, one of the most innovative I have seen. They are on the cutting edge of the market with ecologically friendly offerings and their marketing efforts are stellar. They seem to be a step ahead of the competition when it comes to originality.

One of things I really enjoy about my job is meeting with our paper reps, and seeing the creativity prevalent in their paper swatch books and promo materials.

A couple years back, Neenah came out with an incredibly RESOURCEFUL paper swatch book, based on the Dewey Color System®. The Dewey Color System® was created by Dewey Sadka, who morphed color philosophy into a personality profiling tool. His system bypasses language, and connects directly to the user through their color choices, with a simple, scientifically validated test. Not only was it fun to find out if the personality test was accurate (which it was!), the book was an amazing resource on color and combinations of colors that work well together.

You can try the test online at:

Just recently, our Neenah rep showed me a new mobile application called Think Ink: Color Unleashed for iPhone /iTouch users. How cool! You can pull a color from a photo and the application will give you various palettes to work with, with descriptors. You can choose your palette based on the emotion you want to convey in your design. It’s based on the swatch book above and it can be downloaded free @

Bummer I don’t have an iPhone! Color geeks enjoy!

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  1. Another fun color resource, suggested by my friend and talented artist, Cristina McAllister (