Wednesday, July 15, 2009

QA—A Little Help for Everyone

Such a big part of my job at MORRIS is quality assurance. You would be surprised how many hours go into the painstaking process of proofing a document. Recently, I spent 7 hours (!) proofing a training guide for one of our clients—and that was just round 1. Yesterday, we received the printer proofs, which I spent another 5.5 hours on. Today, we're expecting another round, with the edits implemented, which I will likely spend an additional 2 or so hours on.

At MORRIS, we realize that our name is associated with every project that goes out our door. We are extremely proud of the work we do, primarily because our clients can rest assured that we will turn around a QUALITY project for them. Quality is one of those things that's non-negotiable—each of our employees take pride in that fact.

Before I took on the role as the Production Manager, I didn't have a clue about proofreaders marks. This was another design detail my teachers failed to mention while I was in design school. I think about those poor pre-press folks, who receive proofs with copy edits marked up by several different people without access to this information. Oy.

Where process is concerned, there can be overkill, but in this case, it has proven to be an asset to have everyone on the same page.

I scanned this page from the book I recommended earlier, "Forms Folds Sizes—All the Details Graphic Designers Need to Know but Can Never Find," by Poppy Evans. I give it to all our new employees when they come in the door. It's very helpful for both client projects and edits to internal documents such as proposals, estimates, etc.

Hang on to it for future reference. You never know w
hen it might come in handy!

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